Durian delivery servicesis an important option

Durian lovers rejoiceis the season for the king of fruits, and you might have already caught whiffs of it coming out of your neighbourhood fruit stalls.Satisfy your cravings as durians can’t be brought by you on a cab to bring them home and have the fruit delivered to your doorstep with these 7 durian delivery solutions that are reputable.

  • Popular cafes with delivery services
  • Online grocery stores with fresh produce
  • Healthy food delivery services
  • Restaurants with complimentary island wide shipping
  1. 99 Old Trees Durian – Pure ‘A’ grade D24 Pulp

The harvest quality of msw durian delivery ranges during the entire year, so you know you are getting the fantastic stuff when a vendor just has durians in limited amounts.99 Old Trees Durian sells stock that moves their quality checks so that you know that the D24, S17, Jinn MSW and Feng you are getting will hit the spot. Each 650G box starts from $28 and you may get 1KG of durian pulp to create durian desserts such as puffs and mousse at home.

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  1. Durian Kingdom Singapore – Rare Black Pearl version

Durian Kingdom Singapore is a humble home company which has a loyal following for their durians — just check out the testimonials in their Facebook page. For prices of the durians that are accessible, drop them a message on FB Messenger and you will get an automatic cost list.Here, you can anticipate Red Prawn, D101, and MSW versions from $15/KG. Keep an eye out for their evasive Black Pearl version its slightly salty and creamy flesh makes it an addictive option.Do note that there is a minimum order of 6KG which gives you 2 boxes.

  1. JoJo Durian – Durian sets with coconut water

JoJo Durian’s lively advertising visuals look like something from a magazine. However, their visuals are not just below the surface, because for show.You can obtain a set from $38.90 using a minimum of two sets per order.

  1. Melvin’s Durian – kaya durian and package deals

For a Wide Selection of durian varieties, Melvin’s Durian has Mini Ku Wang, Jinn Feng, Black Pearl, MSW, D1, D13, and much more from $11/KG. This is the area where you can get to attempt Kaya Durian — a variety that is custard-like and smooth; like kaya! They also have a fruit store named The Fruit Cartel where you are able to order premium fruits such as Japanese peaches, Kyoto grapes and Rainier cherries delivered to you.

  1. Ah Seng Durian – Golden Phoenix and XO for sour durian lovers

Their Facebook and IG pages are updated almost daily with the price list of durians which are in stock. Include MSW and D13 in addition to varieties like XO and Golden Phoenix. It is also possible to obtain pure MSW puree $40/packet and homemade carrot and sour plum focus for beverages $13/bottle along with your purchase.

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