Viniyoga A Therapy For Your Body And Mind

Viniyoga means “proper application” in Sanskrit. It is a holistic therapeutic approach that considers the interconnectedness of the full individual (body, breath, mind, behaviors, emotions, and spirit). The techniques of yoga, including asana (movement and body position), pryma (ventilation), mantras, Vedic chanting, mindfulness, and more, are adapted in this discipline to fit the unique requirements and abilities of each person.

As a result, this field provides a wide range of instruments for fostering personal growth and transformation as well as supporting health and promoting healing.

Benefits of doing viniyoga

Regular yoga practice has long been known to improve overall health, particularly because:

  • reestablishing a connection with our body and breath to make room for the mind to be calm and focused
  • controlling our breath to relieve stress, and developing more suppleness, flexibility, and strength
  • the enhancement of our lymphatic and blood systems

It is believed that Viniyoga differs in four ways:

  1. The relationship between movement and breathing. In Viniyoga, this is employed to make the motions more forceful and deliberate.
  2. The fusion of posture maintenance and mobility. The movement relaxes the body and gets it ready for asanas with longer holds. Furthermore, it is claimed to assist in retraining habitual movement patterns, which benefits the yogi both on and off the mat.
  3. The right pose is chosen for the yogi. There is no one “proper” form in viniyoga. Instead of taking on a specific shape, the goal is for the yogi to discover a way to experience the advantages of a position.
  4. Each posture is prepared for and released by using sequencing. The instructor will set up their classes so that the body is prepared for each asana and is then counter-extended or released thereafter.

It is therefore wise to enroll in viniyoga classes now because practicing it can be great for your body and mind.