Service apartment Singapore are self-contained, fully furnished apartments (usually condo units) designed for short to medium-term stays with all of the amenities and conveniences you’d expect on a long trip away from home. It’s like having a condo unit with hotel-style service. Because of their guests’ space, serviced properties have a homier feel, with separate living and sleeping areas. However, serviced apartments offer more than just space. There are no costs for chefs, kitchen staff, laundry staff, room service, bar staff, or waiters in serviced apartments; there are no costs for chefs, kitchen staff, laundry staff, room staff, bar staff, or waiters in hotels. A serviced flat have significantly lower overheads.

Benefits of having a service apartment in Singapore 

Finding the right serviced apartment for you should be simple, as serviced apartments are typically located in city centers and popular areas, close to transportation networks and entertainment amenities, which many tourists and expatriates seek for various reasons. A serviced apartment also comes with a direct mail address, which is helpful for both personal and business purposes. Depending on the apartment you select, additional services may be available. Meet and greet services, travel bookings, airport parking, foreign exchange facilities, and restaurant reservations are available at some complexes. From a business standpoint, serviced apartments go further than hotels to respond to the call for greater Corporate Social Responsibility.


Serviced apartments undoubtedly provide more freedom, space, choice, and flexibility to today’s demanding business and leisure travelers and significant financial savings.