Some pain management techniques to help you relax

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Dealing with pain is very difficult and needs a solution. Pain management clinics are available widely now. Discuss your condition with a therapist who will help you out in choosing the best treatment methodology.

Hot and cold treatment for pain:

You have both the hot and cold treatment for treating pain. While both are different and are not used together, the benefits are huge. If you have strained yourself a lot resulting in chronic pain, heat therapy can be used for your rescue. Heat is applied to the affected areas in this treatment. This helps to relax the muscles and joints thereby helping you out of pain. Heating pads are used for this purpose. Many types of pads are available in the market and online. Choose a sturdy one as it has to tolerate a lot of hot water. Electric heat pads are those that can be connected to power to get heated. Also, take help from a therapist, else you may burn the skin without knowledge of how to apply it with care.

Cold therapy is the use of cold packs for treating pain. This is mainly used for swellings. The cold pack applied helps to reduce pain by numbing the area. Your therapist will know when to use each of these techniques based on your pain and condition. During your workout session or a cycle ride or while climbing stairs, you may sprain your leg/ankle. Having an ice pack readily in your home will help in instant relief.


massage therapist in Portland, OR will introduce you to the different types of massages available for pain relief. It helps to alleviate pain by way of relaxing movements on the affected area. The therapist can either apply essential oils for this purpose or may simply knead the surface to calm the muscles. Initial sessions may be a little painful but when the pain starts to vanish, you will feel relaxed. Several types of massages are available. Before choosing one, find out if your therapist is certified and experienced. You may end up in trouble if you choose an inexperienced one since they may further stress out your muscles.

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