Typical mistakes we make with wine at Christmas

If you want to enjoy wine during the Holidays, keep these recommendations in mind. Click here for buy supplements malaysia.

Great wines in unsuitable glasses

As important in the tasting of a wine is the glass. The most suitable are the rounded ones with a narrower opening, the tall stem and, if possible, fine glass. These glasses allow for a better stirring of its contents, further revealing the aromas of the wine.

Not taking into account the order of the Wines

It does not make much sense to start having the aperitifs with an old wine, continue with a fresh white and continue with a red oak … The logical order in the tasting of wines is to start with the lightest (sparkling, white or young reds) and continue with those that have a few months of aging, and, finally, the sweet wines. Visit this site for buy wine online malaysia.

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Not decanting or uncorking the older wines before

In the case of older wines, it is advisable to decant them in a decanter or, if we do not have decanter, in a glass jar or jug. If you prefer not to sample it to enjoy the changes of the wine in the glass, it is recommended to uncork them a few hours before so that the reductive aromas are not so intense.

Not tasting the wine before serving it

When we go to a restaurant, it seems completely normal for the sommelier or waiter who brings us the wine to give us a taste of its contents before serving the glasses, why not also do it at home? This gesture, beyond the mere “posture”, helps us identify if the wine has any serious defect before giving it to our guests, which they will appreciate.

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